The official low this morning was -2°F. That is 2 degrees below zero. This shatters the daily record low for Feb 16th of 12°F set in 1903. This is 42 degrees below the normal low of 40°F for this date. The last time DFW dropped below zero was on December 23, 1989, and the temperature dropped to 1 below. You have to go all the way back to January 31, 1949 to get to the last time we were 2 below zero, a whopping 72 years ago. This makes the 5th time the mercury has dropped below zero at DFW. The other times were:

February 12, 1899: -8°F (all time coldest temperature at DFW)
January 18, 1930: -1°F
January 31, 1949: -2°F
December 23, 1989: -1°F
February 16, 2021: -2°F

In addition, the high of 18°F recorded at DFW today, also broke the daily record high temperature for Feb 16th. The previous record was 21°F also set in 1903.