The coldest Halloween in 26 years just occurred at DFW. It was 1993 when we had a cold blast of similar magnitude to the one that just happened. In fact, the cold blast of 1993 was actually a little colder and produced snow flurries on the 29th. On Halloween 1993, we reached a low of 29°F. This year we missed that record by one degree with the low on Halloween reaching 30°F. We tied the record low of 31°F set in 1906 for November 1st. 2019 was only one of five years where we had back-to-back consecutive freezes so early in the season. Other years with back-to-back freezes so early in the season include, 1913, 1925, 1957, 1993, and 2019. October 2019 ended up being 2 degrees below normal for the month. This joins the myriad of cooler than normal months of 2019, with September 2019 being the notable exception because it was the hottest September on record.