The National Weather Service office in Fort Worth has already issued an Excessive Heat Watch beginning tomorrow. This will likely get upgraded this afternoon to an Excessive Heat Warning. This is a very rare issuance for our area. What an Excessive Heat Warning means is that ambient air temperature and/or heat index values are expected to approach 110°F or greater for at least 2 consecutive days. A Heat Advisory remains in effect for Today. This is a much more common heat headline issued for DFW. A Heat Advisory is issued when ambient air temperatures are expected to exceed 103°F and/or heat index values are expected to reach 105°F for at least 2 consecutive days. 110°F plus heat at DFW is extremely rare. In fact, it has only occurred 12 times in a 120 years of weather records. Our hottest temperature on record is 113°F which occurred on June 26th and 27th, 1980. The current heat wave is expected to become quite severe and last through at least Monday. There is hope of a significant pattern change next week, and may even involve a cold front and increased rain chances. However, the heat may get exacerbated by the cold front before any real relief arrives. Please take greater precautions if being outdoors as the stress of this magnitude of heat can really limit the body’s ability to effectively cool itself leading to heat related illnesses, including heat stroke.