DFW’s mild winter is about to come to an end. A very impressive Arctic airmass will be building and plunged south into the heartland of the CONUS over the weekend, indicative of a ~1045mb high pressure system. This all teleconnected very well with negative EPO, negative WPO, negative AO, and negative NAO. This will produce the coldest weather for this winter by a long shot for DFW. There is an increasing concern that temps could fall below 10°F at the coldest point which is the threshold for severe cold for this region and necessitate Hard Freeze Warnings for the area. This type of cold can damage agriculture and infrastructure this far south as we saw in February 2021. At the very least, we are confident temps will fall to the teens Monday and Tuesday next week for DFW with high temps struggling to get out of the 20s. At this time, it is not anticipated that the cold will be anywhere near the magnitude of February 2021, or last as long. There is a small chance that we may see some impactful wintry precipitation Sunday night into Monday. Not all of the models are on board with this scenario, but enough are that we will be monitoring that closely. Of course, any frozen precipitation will only exacerbate the cold. If you have not winterized your homes, now will be a good time to do so.