A severe heat wave is expected to grip the region this week with some of the hottest temperatures recorded in several years. Models are forecasting actual ambient high temperatures to be between 105°F and 110°F as early as Tuesday and lasting through at least next Sunday. Fortunately, heat index values may stay close to the ambient temperatures, or in some cases, below the ambient air temperature as we are expecting dewpoints to mix out by the maximum heat of the day. All of this is because of a strengthening high pressure system over the four corers region that will be expanding eastward as the week progresses. We have also had very little rain and have a parched ground that will bake in this type of setup, actually exacerbating the heat wave. Heat Advisories will likely be posted by tomorrow and actual Excessive Heat Warning criteria may be met in some areas. Residents should be aware of the extremely hot conditions and limit outdoor activity as much as possible. If you do have to be outdoors, plan to take frequent breaks and keep hydrated. These types of extreme temperatures can lead to heat related illness quickly, and even, heat stroke. The body loses its ability to effectively keep cool when temperatures get this hot.