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The record high for DFW for today, October 14th is 99°F set in 1910. The record for tomorrow, October 15th is 92°F set in 1999. Forecasted temperatures are to be in the 97°F to 100°F range for today and tomorrow. Likely making both records in jeopardy. The hottest day will likely be today given the strength of the overhead ridge and the southwest/westerly downslope components to the winds. If we reach 100°F today, it will set an all time record for the latest DFW has ever hit the triple digits by a wide margin. That would truly be an incredible feat! Given that is almost a 40°F diurnal temperature difference (extremely rare for us), and more characteristic of a desert climate,  means we will probably stay just under the century mark. Tomorrow should be a degree or so cooler as the upper ridge weakens a tad, but the record is only 92°F, and that is a certainty it will be broken, as forecasted highs will be in the upper 90s, yet again. A cold front is on tap for Friday, but given how dry we are ahead of it, it will not produce any rain. However, it will lower temperatures significantly over the weekend with lows in the low 50s and highs struggling to reach 80°F, making for a truly nice autumn weekend. A stronger trough and system looks promising for the middle of next week for the best rain chances in awhile and a more significant autumn cool down, but more on that later.


The record high temperature for DFW for Sunday, October 11th is 99°F and for Monday, October 12th is 97°F. Current forecast models are predicting high temperatures approaching 100°F across the area on these dates. If temperatures were to actually hit 100°F at DFW, it would not only be the hottest temperature for these dates, but also the latest on record that we have ever hit the triple digits. Currently, the latest we have ever hit triple digits at DFW is 106°F set on October 3, 1951. Currently, it looks as though temperatures may stay just below the century mark on both dates, but records could be tied or threatened. This is definitely some hot October weather!