UPDATE: The Winter Weather Advisory has been expanded to include all of the forecast area. The expectation is the precipitation will be a bit heavier tonight in the form of actual freezing rain and sleet. Ice accretion in the advisory area is expected to be up to 1/4 of an inch with isolated amounts slightly higher. Since amounts reaching 1/4 of an inch will be more isolated, they have foregone a Winter Storm Warning at this time. Regardless, this will be enough ice to cause problems on not only bridges and overpasses but secondary roadways as well. Thursday morning commutes could be very problematic. Temperatures are expected to be in the 24-28°F degree range in the advisory area. DFW Airport forecasted low is 25°F.

Temperatures dropped to the middle to upper 20s, a couple of degrees colder than most models, this morning across the Winter Weather Advisory area which was expanded to include Dallas and Tarrant Counties. Widespread freezing drizzle has been occurring. Motorists should exercise caution when commuting this morning for possible icy bridges and overpasses and black ice patches. The advisory now runs through noon on Thursday as another disturbance pivots across the area bringing more in the way of light freezing rain and sleet tonight into tomorrow. Temperatures should have no trouble getting into the mid 20s again tomorrow morning. Areas that fall below 28°F may have more widespread issues with all roadways.

We will continue to see one Arctic surge after another through the coming 7 days. The coldest of which will occur on Saturday night through Wednesday. There is confidence that we, at some point at DFW Airport, will get to 12°F or colder, which will make for the coldest temps since 1996. If the mercury reaches 7°F, it will be the coldest since December 1989. Regardless of how cold it actually gets, it does look like temps will reach severe cold category with dangerously cold wind chills approaching 10 below zero at times. Hard Freeze Warnings and Wind Chill Warnings will likely be needed at some point.

There will be a quick shot of sleet and snow with the Arctic front on Saturday. However, it will get shut off rapidly by the deepening cold air. Models are now coming into better agreement on a more significant winter storm (likely all snow) Sunday night into Monday. If we get a snowpack, it will only exacerbate the bitterly cold temperatures. This is still several days out and the forecast will likely undergo many changes. More on this potential as more data becomes available.