Residents of North Texas, and in particular, residents in the forecast range of this website should be paying attention to the weather this Friday, April 29th afternoon. An extremely unstable atmosphere has setup shop across the area with excessive CAPE values of 3000 to 4000 J/Kg. A warm front has moved north of the area near a Bowie-McKinney line and has become stationary with a dryline extending southwest back toward Abilene. A surface low/triple point was noted between Snyder to Seymore. This dryline is expected to push eastward in response to height falls across the southern Plains. Showers and thunderstorms will begin firing along this dryline this afternoon and will very rapidly become severe. Initially these storms will be discrete supercells and be capable of producing all modes of severe weather including tornadoes. The convection will congeal into a squall line as the event progresses and march eastward away from the area by evening. The following hazards will be possible with this event:

  • Very large hail to the size of softballs
  • Damaging straight-line winds
  • Flooding
  • Frequent lightning
  • Tornadoes

A Tornado Watch will likely be issued shortly. Residents of North Texas should keep advised of the latest weather watches and/or warnings and be prepared to take action.