Several new updates and changes are being implemented to the website. The first is the weather alerts system has been upgraded. It now features an interactive Google map highlighting the area affected by the advisory. It will also now list all active advisories in the top alert box on the home page, followed by which counties are affected by each advisory. If you click on the counties listed, you will get the details specific for that county regarding that advisory. Additional tweaks to this upgrade are also being worked on.

The other change was to combine the detailed forecast page with the 7-day forecast page. So you will have the complete 7-day forecast grid at the top of the page followed by the daily detailed specifics below that. There will no longer be a separate page for the detailed forecast.

We are also working on an upgrade to the graphical 7-day forecast layout grid for the 7-day forecast, as well as replacing the current conditions dashboard on the home page with an upgraded interface. Future updates may also include a revamped mobile page.