The temperature yesterday, July 20, reached 108°F at DFW Airport. This breaks the old record of 105°F set in 2012 (and 2000). The incredible, record breaking heat wave will continue today with likely another daily record being broken. Today’s record is 107°F set in 2012. Forecasted highs today are expected to be in 110°F to 115°F range. There is a chance the all-time hottest temperature record at DFW could be challenged (113°F set on June 26 and 27, 1980). We have an incredible ridge in place pushing nearly 600 dm, record H85 temps of 30°C, and a front pushing south forcing our winds to be westerly/southwesterly (which is a hot downsloping flow for us) and aiding in compressional warming. This is the setup to really get us HOT. Again, if you must be outdoors please take extra precautions to avoid heat related illnesses, such as drinking plenty of non-alcoholic fluids to stay hydrated, and taking frequent breaks in an air conditioned environment. It cannot be stressed enough how incredibly dangerous this type of heat can be.